IT Infrastructure & Hardware

the backbone of your dental technology platform

The modern dental practice requires a strong commercial grade IT network infrastructure to support the demands of the digital era.  From practice management software to digital radiography to HIPAA compliant transaction and storage, your IT infrastructure is the most dynamic and demanding piece of the dental infrastructure. 

Our integrated IT service and dental service teams can build, maintain and prepare your IT infrastructure for the ever changing technology world.  The demands placed on a modern dental practice by the connected world can be daunting, but not with J&L Dental.

We build commercial grade networks with tried and true components that can handle the evolving needs of the modern dental practice. We then take a pro-active maintenance and active support approach to ensure our clients experience the least amount of headaches or worse; devastating costly downtime. True partnership also means planning for the future with planned obsolescence and budgetary forecasting. Nothing is worse than a few extra thousand dollars in unplanned infrastructure costs to effect your overall profitability. 

Dental software is unique to the dental world and comes with some unexpected IT demands and quirks. Our team only works with dental offices to ensure our expertise is second to none. You won't find a team anywhere else that has more dental specific IT knowledge and additional support from a dental equipment service team anywhere.  The dental hardware of the future is here today with network capable sterilizers and x-rays.  Our team is a unique one stop shop to integrate and support those dental specific devices into a well designed dental specific network.


What's the next step?

  1. Start with a complimentary IT infrastructure audit

  2. We will analyze and educate your team on any infrastructure pit falls we may see. Our team demands a high standard but understand that IT Infrastructure is a never ending process of upgrades and support. We want to partner with you, not make a sales pitch and disappear.

  3. We will propose a proactive maintenance contract, designed to approximate 1 year's worth of support. Our maintenance is different because we are onsite at least 2 times a quarter to ensure your infrastructure is running at peak performance. Our team knows your team is not made up of IT professionals. It is our goal to get ahead of costly IT issues so we can keep your team chairside.

  4. Sit back and relax! Now you have a dedicated dental specific IT team on the job and in your practice!

We have you covered for all your IT infrastructure needs

  • servers

  • switches

  • routers

  • workstations

  • tablets

  • WiFi

  • HIPAA compliance

  • virus protection

  • backup and security

  • VoiP phones