Introducing Allworx Hybrid VoiP Phone System

The All-In-One Voip Phone System for the Dental Office

More powerful. More Advanced.

Allworx Connect, our third-generation family of VoIP communication systems, has good looks and serious specs in one compact package.

Allworx Connect Hybrid Phones System utilizes your DCS supported IT infrastructure to deliver Enterprise-Grade Features at an SMB Price. A true hybrid system that has all the benefits of on-premise combined with the modern features a hosted solution can offer. Truly the best of both worlds!

Talk the way you want

You run a one-of-a-kind business so you need a one-of-a-kind business voice system. Whether your employees are in a single location or multiple sites, desk-bound or road-bound, take inbound calls or make outbound calls, Allworx can create a perfect fit.

All-in-one approach

We create solutions that are ready to work out of the box. Every Allworx system comes loaded with advanced VoIP features including voicemail-to-email, presence settings with customized call routes, auto attendants, and many more – at no additional cost.

Enterprise-grade features at an SMB price

SMBs require a robust feature set but few can afford a big price tag. A typical Allworx deployment costs only a few dollars per month per employee over the lifetime of the phone system.

Complex technology made simple

You don’t need to be a tech whiz to manage an Allworx system. Allworx offers four access levels for the web-based system administration site so anyone can make simple adds, moves, and changes, whenever and wherever.

Tried. True. Tested.

Allworx systems have been installed at more than 45,000 business sites. But our product innovation is never done. We continually release software upgrades to enhance the existing features and add new ones based on real customer feedback.


  • Economical and scalable models.

  • High-speed solid state storage subsystem.

  • Bank-grade HTTPS encryption for access security.

  • Wall- and rack-mountable.

  • Interoperability with the latest VoIP standards used by major carriers.

  • Native Gigabit Ethernet interfaces with VLANs.

  • Models with or without analog FXO ports.

Introducing Allworx Verge™ Phones

Verge is a new class of mobile-first business phones designed for today's workforce on the go. Share your personal contacts from mobile devices and Outlook with your Verge phone. Instantly handoff active calls to and from your favorite mobile device and Verge phone. You can even remotely control your Verge phone from your mobile device.

Isn't it time your business phone is available whenever, wherever you need it?

Mobility Integration Highlights

  • Real-time sharing of contacts across mobile devices (via Reach), Outlook (via Interact Professional), and Verge IP phone.

  • Instant hand-off of active calls to and from your mobile device and Verge IP phone (via Reach).

  • Remote control of Verge IP phone using your mobile device (via Reach). Bluetooth® hands-free for receiving and placing cellular calls on your Verge IP phone (available on the Verge 9312 model only).


Other Highlights

  • Self-labeling programmable function buttons.

  • Contextual soft keys.

  • Color display.

  • Full duplex speakerphone.

  • HD audio.

  • Built-in four-way conferencing.

  • Visual ring indicator.

  • Gigabit Ethernet.

  • Integrated network switch with port mirroring.

  • Power over Ethernet (PoE).

Packages available that have zero up front equipment cost, predictable fixed operating expense and a simple single monthly bill.

Finally! Dry Mouth Relief That Lasts!

A new solution to the struggle of having dry mouth!

Dry mouth is a common condition. It occurs due to medical treatment, disease and injury. Dry mouth symptoms are uncomfortable and annoying. In more severe cases, it causes mouth sores, skin cracking around the mouth, sore throat, and even problems eating and swallowing. Dry mouth can adversely affect dental health and the digestive system.

Lubricity is a flavorless, odorless solution that alleviates the symptoms of dry mouth. It provides a soothing, moist feeling for up to 4 hours per use when used as directed.

The formula contains sodium hyaluronate, known among scientists as “nature’s lubricant.” Lubricity also contains xylitol, which prevents bacterial growth in the mouth, reducing the risk of infection. 


Lubricity streaming spray provides comfort and relief from dry mouth symptoms. Lubricity works differently from other solutions, forming a flavorless gel film that coats the mouth and penetrates oral tissue. This gel film provides lasting relief from even the most persistent dry mouth symptoms. Sodium hyaluronate, a compound the body makes naturally, is the main ingredient. 

With effects lasting up to 4 hours, Lubricity provides significant improvement in the quality of life of those suffering from dry mouth.



Pump directly into your mouth 3-5 times per use. For best results, use Lubricity after eating, before going to bed, and throughout the day as needed. Make sure to apply Lubricity after eating, to maximize the soothing and moisturizing effects.

Interested in learning more? Come to our Lubricity Launch Party on September 13th at Johnson and Lund! Click here for more information!

Something Truly New in Whitening!



Fast appointments.

Superior results.

No impressions.

No trays.

No messy strips.



The ONLY whitening system using controlled warming heat in a universal closed system mouthpiece

GLO DUAL WHITENING GLO professional whitening in the practice plus patient take-home kits Fast appointments. Superior results. High compliance. No lab fees. No trays. Little to no sensitivity. Clinically proven. For the best whitening experience – GLO!

In Office Whitening Kits


Patient Take Home Kits

The Science Behind Glo

THE SCIENCE Patented GLO technology combines optimal heat and light in a closed system mouthpiece to activate and accelerate the whitening gel formulation for safe, superior results with little to no sensitivity. Healthy patients GLO!


GLO Science believes in the life changing power of a beautiful, healthy smile and therefore they seek to bring innovative advances in oral health care to dental offices and homes across the country, and around the world.

Some Before & After Examples

J&L Dental is excited to bring this amazing whitening product to our customers. To learn more click the button below or speak with your J&L Account Manager about getting an in-office demo scheduled today!

Click Logo to Visit Their Website

Click Logo to Visit Their Website

Introducing the New Series 5 Dental Package from DCI Edge

Different by Design


The DCI Edge operatory chair provides comfort, style and efficiency. Their engineers have designed an ergonomic chair that combines a thin, narrow back with a low chair height. This allows you to be in the proper working position regardless of patient size.

  • Easily operate the chair with a footswitch and optional touchpads
  • Headrest and back design support patients of all statures
  • Thin, narrow back design provides comfortable, ergonomic access to the oral cavity
  • Armrest rotation facilitates easy entry and exit of patients
  • High quality steel and aluminum castings stand the test of time


Series 5 Operatory Package: Full featured, Maximum Value

Thin back and ergonomic design put you in the right working posture regardless of patient size

Thin back and ergonomic design put you in the right working posture regardless of patient size

 Dual integrated touch pads for the technology you have today and room to add more in the future

 Dual integrated touch pads for the technology you have today and room to add more in the future

Breakthrough reflective LED technology combined with dual no-touch sensors and no-cure setting for the ultimate in operatory lighting at an affordable price

Breakthrough reflective LED technology combined with dual no-touch sensors and no-cure setting for the ultimate in operatory lighting at an affordable price

Standard DCI 5 Year Warranty delivers peace of mind

Standard DCI 5 Year Warranty delivers peace of mind



The Series 5 dental chair was designed to provide you and your team with comfortable, ergonomic access to the oral cavity.  Your patients can relax comfortably, enhancing their experience at your practice.



Contact your local J&L Equipment Representative to schedule an appointment to see this exciting new chair on our newly remodeled showroom.

Call Today: 585-475-0160 or 800-842-8652

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For more information visit: DCI Edge Website