Something Truly New in Whitening!



Fast appointments.

Superior results.

No impressions.

No trays.

No messy strips.



The ONLY whitening system using controlled warming heat in a universal closed system mouthpiece

GLO DUAL WHITENING GLO professional whitening in the practice plus patient take-home kits Fast appointments. Superior results. High compliance. No lab fees. No trays. Little to no sensitivity. Clinically proven. For the best whitening experience – GLO!

In Office Whitening Kits


Patient Take Home Kits

The Science Behind Glo

THE SCIENCE Patented GLO technology combines optimal heat and light in a closed system mouthpiece to activate and accelerate the whitening gel formulation for safe, superior results with little to no sensitivity. Healthy patients GLO!


GLO Science believes in the life changing power of a beautiful, healthy smile and therefore they seek to bring innovative advances in oral health care to dental offices and homes across the country, and around the world.

Some Before & After Examples

J&L Dental is excited to bring this amazing whitening product to our customers. To learn more click the button below or speak with your J&L Account Manager about getting an in-office demo scheduled today!

Click Logo to Visit Their Website

Click Logo to Visit Their Website