our work

we let our work and our customers speak for us

Whether your looking to remodel or upgrade an existing space or break ground on a new build J&L Dental is you local partner.  We harness decades of experience, a team based project process and developed network of professionals to see your project exceed your expectations.

“without J&L, I simply wouldn’t be here”
— Sandro Popelka, DDS, MPH

We have a fully stocked showroom centrally located in Rochester, NY.  Schedule sometime with our equipment and design experts to visit and brainstorm the project you have been dreaming about.  We offer choices and will always act your best interest first and foremost. our team is motivated to create practice long relationships that are mutually beneficial to all. Since we don't answer to wall street we can take a slower and more appropriate approach to your current and future needs.  That's what putting you, our client, ahead of the needs of others allows us to do.

It truly is a different experience with J&L Dental