X-rays Unshackled with MaxRay Hand Held Unit

MaxRay Portable X-Ray

by Iridium Dental


MaxRay offers a lightweight, truly portable, FDA-approved alternative to traditional x-ray machines. Weighing only 4.4lbs and offering options like a carrying case and strap, tablet PC mount, you can easily take x-rays any where and every where you go!

This high-tech, yet simple to use alternative gives you the flexibility and convenience you need to best serve your patients. Create a fully self-contained digital system with x-rays, software, sensor and tablet. Forget to charge the battery? No sweat. Just plug in the power adapter to the nearest outlet and take continue to take x-rays – completely uninterrupted. Add the optional rolling stand and remote switch and your MaxRay hand-held becomes a full-featured mobile x-ray machine.


Iridium Dental understands how important it is to get the most value out of equipment. MaxRay uses the valuable features of wall-mount units and puts them in the palm of your hand. Our battery technology, quality x-ray tube, and oil-cooled-tube head technology make the MaxRay a no brainier.

Our Battery Technology – The MaxRay features a Long-Life LI Battery, the best battery technology available, taking over 300 x-ray shots on a single battery charge compared to 100 with other systems.

The Quality X-Ray Tube -The MaxRay uses a high-quality, Japanese Toshiba x-ray tube. Compare to lower quality tubes made in China, the Toshiba tube is the industry leader in quality and durability.

Oil-Cooled vs. Air Cooled – Instead of using air-cooled technology, the MaxRay uses oil-cooled tube technology. Just like your traditional wall mount, the oil-cooled tube heads offers faster recovery for more frequent x-ray shots while extending the life of the tube.


At Iridium we understand you and your patients safety are of utmost importance. That is why we put our products through the most rigorous test methods under strict laboratory settings to guarantee they meet the highest standards of safety. The interior components of our X-ray machines are thoroughly sealed with multiple sheets of lead (Pb) blocking out any leakage radiation [see comparison vs. our competitors above]. With our construction, we are able to lower the energy of the produced X-rays as well as reduce radiation exposure overall without a compromise in the image quality.

When you choose the Maxray your safety and satisfaction are our guarantee!

Safety Advantages of the MaxRay:

  • As low as 1/7 reduction in emitted radiation compared to conventional wall-mount X-ray machines
  • Approved and certified SAFE TO USE BY HAND in over 40 countries
  • Over 15,000 units sold worldwide since 2005
  • X-ray cone is housed with lead, only the targeted area is exposed to radiation
  • X-ray generator tube is sealed with lead, radiation is only allowed through focal spot